Elk Antler Chews

Natural Hound Elk Antler Chews are from naturally shed antlers that re-grow every year. Antlers are high in nutrients which makes them very healthy treats for your dog. Their hard structure provides an unusually long-lasting and entertaining chew for your dog while helping maintain dental health.

We offer split and whole Elk Antler Chews in most sizes. Split antlers are cut down the middle exposing the inside of the antler where most of the flavor is located. Split antlers offer a softer chewing surface making them a great choice for the first-time chewer, finicky dogs, senior dogs, and puppies. Whole antlers will last a little longer and are a better choice for the experienced or active chewer.

Please note, Antlers Chews are an organic product provided by mother nature, so availability can change.

Sizes: Extra Small (1.5-3 oz), Small (3-4 oz), Medium (4-6 oz), Large (6-9 oz), Extra Large (9-12 oz), Monster (14-17 oz)

Whole and split antler chews are the same average weight for each size. View our Antler Chart to help choose the right size for your dog.

Natural Hound products are 100% natural, single-ingredient treats. For this reason, the item your dog receives may vary in appearance from the items in the photos.

Please use the pull-down menu and select size to order.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Megan S.
“Monster” Elk Antlers

Super stoked on the antlers we received for our pups. Awesome quality and worth every penny!

Cindy Brock

Great elk antlers & Bully Sticks ! My dog 🐕 has never been so happy and entertained . He LOVES them ! he can’t put them down ! He’s an 8 year old Chocolate Lab , found out about Natural Hound while I was visiting my mom in Portland OR from Las Vegas NV , got them at zupan’s & he went crazy over Bully sticks I brought home , so had to find them on the website.

Stephanie U
Quality antlers and fast shipping!

The selection of antlers available is great. The website is easy to navigate with fast response time from seller. 5 Stars all the way!

Best Chew In Town, In the State, In all America

I ordered an antler chew for my best four-legged friend Leia. She has had these before and just loves them. Because of her breed she loves to chew and this antler from Wild Chewz satisfies her need to chew. Beside being all natural the antler last longer than most chews. This order is for her Christmas present. You just can't go wrong with treats from Wild Chewz. Don't forget they have free shipping.

Gary Pollard
The best all natural chews for your best friend

Since I have began ordering the natural dog chews for my buddy Leia, she has become spoiled expecting a treat everyday from Wild Chewz. With her great sense of smell she knows when a package from Wild Chewz arrives. I have never seen a dog so happy with a chew product as she is with Wild Chewz. These are the best treats on the market. Leia's favorite are the duck feet and the large antlers. I hope Wild Chewz is around for a long time. I have sent the website link to my friends who have four-legged friends. Thank you Wild Chewz for providing a happy treat for my best buddy.